Drew Hazen

S a c r e d S p a c e

This phrase has become the term characterizing my life's vocation. I am compelled to create, facilitate, and become aware of Sacred Space where others and myself encounter the presence, beauty, warmth, and love of God, whether we are actively aware of Him or not. I believe Sacred Space can be felt in a warm, beautiful, comfortable environment. It can be an encounter of God through music, art, word, and nature. It can be experienced through the care, safety, hospitality, and love of another person. Over the last decade, I have learned that Sacred Space is what I am about. This is my gift from God. This is my gift from God to the world.

Drew has been trained in the art of Spiritual Direction at Talbot School of Theology's Institute for Spiritual Formation, where he grew in his ability to offer Sacred Space for others to be heard and become more aware of God's presence and work. Visit sacredspaceministries.com for more information about Drew’s work through spiritual direction in the Boise, Idaho area. Drew has a natural ability to create beautiful spaces through art, interior design, carpentry, photography, and graphic design. Check out the design portfolio to view some of Drew's interior design work. Drew is also a trained musician and vocalist through Biola University's Conservatory of Music. His desire to create order and attention to detail provides him the ability to plan and orchestrate large events and projects. For more information about Drew's training, see music & worship and spiritual direction. Drew lives in the Boise, Idaho area with his wife, Kim, son, and two daughters. He spends much of his free time exploring the outdoors, discovering delicious eateries, and dreaming up new projects.